DT600 - How to resolve the E30 IR Error

The E30 IR error is mainly caused by the detection of a suspicious bill. Please remove the suspicious bill and resume the count.
(please note the image or integrated IR feature of notes may become weaker when a note is old, heavily used or accidentally washed)

The E30 error is also related to the Feeding Gap and how you place the notes on the hopper stage. Please check the following article on
> How to adjust the feeding gap - https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-adjusting-the-feeding-gap
> Notes selection - https://youtu.be/zssJXTz9Two

If the error persists, please check the software version by accessing the Menu and selecting Version.
> Access the Settings by Pressing the OK button for 5 seconds and entering the password ↓↓↓↓
> Scroll down to Version and Press OK
> If the version of your device is 20210427WX / FT_2DN20210426_A1, proceed with a software update by using the following link: https://shop.deteckusa.com/dt600-ir

If the issue is still not resolved, please proceed with the CIS calibration or contact support@deteckusa.com to advise on how to adjust the sensitivity of the sensor

Dec 20, 2021

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