DT600 - Adjusting the Feeding Gap

The following video will demonstrate how to ensure a trouble free counting operation


Please ensure the Thickness Wheel is adjusted properly:

The Thickness Wheel is located on the back of the machine, an adjustable button that has an arrow (↔) and a positive (+) and negative (-) sign on both of its ends. Having the correct feeding gap adjusted will ensure smooth counting as well as a trouble-free operation. Trial and error attempts are recommended before you make the final adjustment and start the count.

  • When the hopper is too tight, please loosen it by toggling the wheel to “-”. It works for used (thicker) notes, adjust toward “+” to increase the gap
  • When the hopper is too loose, please tighten it by toggling the wheel to “+”.It works for new (thinner) notes and Polymer notes to reduce the gap
  • We advise to keep it to Neutral mode otherwise small adjustment toward “+” direction works best

You may also perform this calibration when the notes are not fed smoothly through the machine or several error messages are occurring too often like Double Bills, Chain Error or Miscounting Errors.

Other reasons that might require to readjust the feeding gap are:

- The counting of new or mint condition notes
- The counting of poor or bad fitness condition notes
- Polymer notes and Paper-made notes counted together

Please reach out to support@deteckusa.com if you need help!

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