DT600 - How to resolve the E4 Half Error

This video will demonstrate how to resolve repetitive errors during the count:

We recommend following the below step by steps to resolve the repetitive E4 Half Error encountered during the count.

Please ensure:

Step 1: There are no foreign objects stuck in the hopper stage or loose screws in the back of the machine. This machine is equipped with magnets, which can attract other metals.
Open the back compartment and use a flashlight if needed to inspect the area.

Hopper Stage

Back Compartment

Additional Step:

Place a note on the hopper stage and manually roll the wheels. This will help you identify if there is something stuck and pinpoint where the foreign object is obstructing the passage.

Please check out the video link on how to perform this step:


Step 2: The machine is clean and the sensors are clear of dust. The below image reflects a dusty image causing multiple errors during the count.
Use a brush to clear the dust, dry cloth to wipe the sensors, and Air Can if needed to blow the dust accumulated inside the machine.

Article - https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-maintenance-procedure

Step 3: Check if the CIS sensors are in good condition and clear of dust. Please use a brush or dry cloth to clean the sensors as you may get residues of ink while counting old/worn bills

Step 4: The hopper guides on top (white plastic) are properly adjusted, 2 or 3mm wider than the bills. If there is a big gap, this might cause E4 errors

Step 5: You are using a clean stack of notes, tidied evenly on a flat surface. Wrinkled, worn, or folded bills can cause multiple error alerts specially 1$ and 5$ bills.

Check out the following video on how to place the notes: https://youtu.be/zssJXTz9Two

Step 6: The feeding gap is adjusted properly. Please check the following article on how to adjust the gap - https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-adjusting-the-feeding-gap

Step 7: Please ensure the counting bridge is in the right position prior to performing the below steps:

Step 8: Proceed with the CIS calibration
Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-cis-calibration

Step 9: Proceed with the White Paper Calibration
Article:  https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-white-paper-calibration

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