DT600 - CIS Calibration Failed

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Please ensure the CIS sensors are (1) in good condition (no scratch or damage) and (2) clean (clear of dust) before calibrating the unit.

If the CIS calibration timeout:

1. If the CIS calibration prompt is (TimeOut) or (The number) does not move; please try running the calibration at least three times. If the calibration fails after the 3rd attempt, it's considered a failed calibration.

2. Check if the CIS cables are properly connected to the image board and try calibrating the CIS one more time - Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/kb/dt600/dt600-cis-cables-connection

3. If step 2 does not help resolve the issue, please contact our support team.

If the CIS calibration fails:

1. Check if the CIS cables are properly connected to the Imageboard and Mainboard; try to calibrate the CIS one more time

2. If you still experiencing issues, check if the Upper and Lower CIS tubes are in good condition and properly connected to the Magnetic Board - You can visually inspect by opening the back compartment and using a flashlight to check if it's properly connected.

3. Observe the display screen during calibration, if it's constantly flashing, the power supply 5V is insufficient. We will have to replace the power supply box. If there is no 5V shortage, we will have to replace the image board

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