DT600 - MDC Data Extraction

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Please find below step by step instructions on how to run a count using the MDC count mode to Extract Data on a U-Disk:

1. Ensure the USB Key has been properly formatted and set as FAT32 (default File System)
Step 1 - Guidance: https://youtu.be/k-DMAfhQi_c

2. Insert the USB Key in the Outter USB Port

3. Turn On the Machine and Please ensure to switch the IMAGE DATA setting from 1 to 0 (refer to step 4)

4. Access the Settings by Pressing OK for 5 seconds
> Enter Password ↓↓↓↓
> Access the Sub-Menu and select “Save Image to U-Disk”
> Switch default setting from 1 to 0 using the down arrow
> Press START to save your selection and go back to the main page

Step 5-7 Guidance: https://youtu.be/xLJg0YPCfT8

5. Select MDC count Mode + USD Currency
6. Run the first count with a small stack of bills to help detect the Errors
7. Run another count using the same stack of bills, but this time the opposite side
8. Once complete, allow 1 minute before removing the Key.
9. Please share with us (abnormal_cash folder) by uploading it through the following link

Please contact our support team at support@deteckusa.com if you have any queries

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