DT600 - How to resolve the E20 MG Error

The E20 MG error is mainly caused by the detection of a suspicious bill. Please remove the bill and resume the count. The bill is not added to the count. (please note the magnetic ink feature of notes may become weaker when a note is old, heavily used or accidentally washed)

If you experience multiple E20 errors, please reduce the sensitivity:
> Access the Menu by pressing the OK button for 5 seconds and enter the password ↓↓↓↓
> Select Settings
> Scroll down to MG1 and press ok
> Reduce the sensitivity from 1 to 0, Press Start to save your selection

If the error persists, please contact support@deteckusa.com to advise on additional troubleshooting steps.

It will be very helpful if you can send us a video by WhatsApp +1(332) 895-2855 or email showing us the Error Notification during the count and highlighting (1) the type of bill causing the error and (2) denomination(s).

We might need your help extracting the data to analyze the suspicious bills - Article:

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