DT800-Start Sensor Issues

The CE05 Error is related to an issue with the start sensors.

It appears as soon as you turn on the machine or when you have to manually press start to run a count under AUTO.

We usually recommend keeping the dust cover when not in use, otherwise small dust particles will accumulate fast and obstruct the sensors.

Step 1: Please ensure the hopper area is clear. Remove any bills in the hopper area or clean the sensors with a dry cloth (remove dust or ink residues)

Step 2: Access the Voltage Dashboard and check the start voltage

Please refer to the video link below for a live demonstration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hGFvGpYzJOA

  • Press OK+MODE (or ADD+MODE) at the same time to access the voltage dashboard.
  • Cover the start sensor with your hand
  • Check if the "Start" voltage on the top left changes from between ≈0.15V - ≈3.15V

If the voltage is not changing, please contact our support team support@deteckusa.com so we can quickly help troubleshoot

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