DT800-Stacker Sensor Issues (CE08 - EF05)

The CE08 Error is related to an issue with the stacker sensors. It appears as soon as you turn on the machine.

Step 1: Please ensure the stacker area is clear. Remove any bills in the stacker area or clean the sensors with a dry cloth (remove dust or ink residues)

Usually when the stacker sensors are covered, you will get the EF05 error notification. However, if the error persists, please proceed to the next step

Step 2: Press ADD+MODE at the same time to access the voltage dashboard.

On the 1st page, please check if the CLEAR (voltage) is hovering around 0.08.
If not (hovers around 3.27), proceed to step 3.

On the 3rd page of the voltage dashboard (press down arrow twice), please check if the CLEAR-F voltage is hovering around 1.19V.
If not (hovers around 3.27), proceed to step 3

Step 3: Please check if the cable connecting the Stacker Sensor to the Mainboard is plugged properly (below Red Arrow indicating the location of the cable).

This video will demonstrate how to safely open the machine and ensure the cables are plugged properly: https://youtu.be/s9Gw3BzfJvo

DT800-V1 Cables (SN 800DT00041 - 440)

DT800-V2 Cables (SN 800DT00441 - ongoing)

Please contact our support team at support@deteckusa.com if you still experiencing issues with the machine.

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