DT800 - Tutorial

We recommend watching this tutorial video in order to make the best use of this product.


To ensure a trouble-free operation before starting, please make sure to:

1. Tidy up the notes on an even desk.
2. Set the position of the counting guide to be 2 to 3mm longer than the notes to be counted.
3. Place the notes onto the hopper stage of the machine and start the count.
4. The results will be displayed on the screen.
5. Press Report to get a detailed count result.

Careful considerations
• Avoid counting wet, excessively dirty, folded or curved notes.
• Fan each bundle of notes before counting in the case the notes are slightly adhesive to one each other.
• Check for foreign objects mixed up with the notes like paper clips, rubber bands, pieces of paper, etc.

Please reach out to support@deteckusa.com if you need help!

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