DT800 - How to resolve the E2 Double and E3 Chain Errors

If you encounter issues during the count i.e. most of the bills go to the reject pocket, please check the error report (after the count press the REPORT button three times to pull out the details)

If the errors are related to E2 Double Bill or E3 Chain Notes, please ensure the feeding gap is adjusted properly.

Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt800-adjusting-the-feeding-gap

If this does not help resolve the issue, please follow the below steps to check if the exchange card is in the correct position.

Step 1: Remove the lower back compartment

Step 2: Check the exchange card position.

If there is no gap, the position is correct

If there is a gap, the position is incorrect. Please contact our support team at support@deteckusa.com to advise on additional troubleshooting steps.

Help share with us close-up high-quality pictures or videos so we can run them with our engineers.

Please contact our support team at support@deteckusa.com if you have any queries or concerns running the troubleshooting steps

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