DT600C - How to resolve E1 UV Error 

If you experience an E1 UV error during the count, it might be a Suspicious Note Detected.

Note that the image or integrated UV feature of notes may become weaker when a note is old, heavily used or when it has accidentally been washed.

Quick Resolution:
- Remove the suspicious Note
- Follow the cleaning procedure if the error persists
Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt600c-cleaning-process-x
- Consider reducing the UV sensitivity by accessing the settings:

  1. Access the SET MENU, and press the OK button until you are prompted to input a password. The default password is ↓↓↓↓.
  2. Access Settings, scroll down, and select the UV Threshold sub-setting.
  3. The default rate is set at 5. The range varies from 0-9. We advise gradually lowering the sensitivity to 4
  4. Press on Start to save your selection.
  5. Repeat the process if needed, select gradually 3, 2, and 1.

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