DT800 - How to setup the Receipt Printer

In this video, we will demonstrate how to use the Printer:

Plug the Printer cable in the machine printing interface (RS-232C Serial Port).  Once connected, Turn On the machine, ensure the baud rate is correctly set up, and start the count.

1. Press the Report Button once.  Press the OK button to print the Total value and quantity of notes result.
2. Press the Report Button twice. Press the OK button to print the Serial Numbers of notes counted.

How to adjust the Printers Baud Rate:

In order to access the SET MENU, press the OK button until you are prompted to input a password. The default password is ↓↓↓↓.

Access Settings, scroll down, and select the Baud Rate sub-setting.

The baud rate can change based on the printer which connects to the machine. We set it to value=3 if the baud rate is 9600, otherwise set to other values that match with your printer baud rate. Press on Start to save your selection.

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