DT600C - Flying Bills with Multiple Errors

If you experience flying bills during the count, please ensure there are no foreign objects or loose screws obstructing the sensors. Please inspect the back compartment and hopper stage feeding gap.

Flying Bills Video: https://youtu.be/FNrzPQYNkHs

Check for any obstructing objects.
Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt600c-how-to-check-for-foreign-objects

If this doesn’t help resolve the issue, please ensure:

  1. The Machine is counting properly using CNT mode and different speed levels
  2. The Machine is counting properly using MDC mode and different speed levels

Please report the findings to our support team and we will help dispatch a software upgrade.

Reach out to support@deteckusa.com or through our Whatsapp (332) 895-2855, sharing the following details:

Money Counter: DT600C
Order ID:
Serial Number: (located on the back of the machine)
Issue: Report under which counting mode and speed the bills are flying.

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