DT600 - CE04 Troubleshooting

If you're encountering CE04 error as soon as you turn on the machine or during the count, please proceed with the following steps

Step1: Check if the cable is properly connected.

This video will demonstrate how to safely open the machine and ensure the cables are plugged properly


CAUTIOUS: Prior to Opening the Machine, please ensure the Money Counter is turned off and the Power Cable is unplugged from the Wall or Ground Power Socket

Please carefully follow these steps to ensure the Machine doesn't get damaged.

1. Place a piece of cloth on a solid flat surface table. This will help reduce scratches while performing the troubleshooting step
2. Open the Top Cover of the Machine
3. Use a long Philips Screwdriver to unscrew the left side of the Machine (The side next to the CUR and BATCH buttons). There are 2 screws on the bottom and 3 on the inside.
4. Check if the cables ends are properly connected as shown in the picture

Step 2: Power on the machine, press ADD for 2-3 seconds, press ↑ button to locate the “data-3” page. Send us a picture of the voltage dashboard so we can quickly advice

You can email us at support@deteckusa.com for quick assistance

Jan 27, 2023

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