DT10C - White Paper Calibration (2MG)

Please perform this calibration if you encounter the following:

Counting errors E1, E4, E5, E6, E10 and E11.
Power-On errors: C3-C10

This video will help demonstrate how to safely perform the calibration

CAUTION: Please do not perform this calibration without prior instructions from our support team. Do not perform this calibration if the detector is functioning properly

WARNING: Using a low GSM Paper Quality can result in Calibration Failure. We advise using a white Postcard of 140 gsm or more

A step-by-Step process for the calibration

  1. Use a blank white postcard, the size should cover all sensors. We recommend a high gsm quality paper to prevent light going through the Paper (around 140gsm)
  2. Press the CUR/DIR button and the Power On button simultaneously to turn on the detector. The display will show: PAPER
  3. Insert a white paper to cover all sensors, close the cover, and Press REP/CLR key until the display shows: FINISH.
  4. The detector will emit 3 beep sounds to instruct you the calibration has been successful. Take the white paper out and restart the machine Power off/on.

If the calibration fails, please reach out to support@deteckusa.com and share the following details, one of our team members will revert back with a quick solution:

  • DT10C Counterfeit Detector
  • Serial Number located on the back of the machine
  • Purchase Order ID
  • Calibration Error
  • Any other relevant information

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