DT10C - How to resolve common counting errors (3MG)

The Swift DT10C (3MG) Counterfeit Detector automatically performs a self-test every time you turn On the device. If one of the C-codes is flashing on the display, please ensure the sensors are not covered by any object, stuck banknotes, or even accumulated dust.

Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt10c-how-to-resolve-power-on-errors-3mg

If one of the following E-error counting codes appears on the display window after inserting a note into the feeding hopper, there is a high risk of holding a suspicious note

Important Notices

- If a banknote gets stuck during the count, please open the top cover and gently remove the stuck banknote
- Please ensure the banknotes are inserted straight to the far right of the feeding hopper

If you are getting repetitive E-error codes after performing all the checks, please proceed with the White Paper Calibration.
Article - https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt10c-white-paper-calibration-3mg

If the machine keeps beeping or is not working properly, please check if:

  • The main power supply is within the specified range (AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz)
  • The DC output is within the specified range: DC 12V ± 5%.
  • The terminal plug is well-connected to the device
  • The built-in battery is sufficiently charged (optional)
  • There is dust on the sensors.

Please reach out to support@deteckusa.com if you need additional help!

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