DT10C - Genuine Bills Detected as Suspicious Bill

If you experience issues while using the Swift Counterfeit Detector i.e. genuine bills are showing as fake, please ensure the bills are in good condition. Worn, washed and wrinkled bills would flash as fake notes.

This video will help demonstrate how to operate the device with confidence:

Instructions: Make sure bills are aligned to the far right side.

Torn, Stained, Worn, and Wrinkled Bills sometimes will flash as Fake Notes:
1. Genuine Torn Note failed after the third attempt
2. Genuine Folded Note failed after the second attempt
3. Stained Note detected as Suspicious (Failed). Flip the Note and Scan again for accurate detection
4. Wrinkled Note detected as Suspicious (Failed). Straighten the Note and Scan again for accurate detection

Please contact our helpdesk support@deteckusa.com if you are experiencing similar issues. We are here to help!

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