DT800 - Currency List

The machine is pre-programmed to count and sort USD, CAD, MXN, EUR and GBP. It can support up to 100 currencies (subject to availability).

Please reach out to our support team for guidance on how to install a new currency.

It has an Auto-selection function that automatically recognizes the first currency note and counts only this currency.

Under Mix-selection, the system can count the first 4 currencies of a stack of mixed bills (it only works under MDC mode).

Please find below the list of currencies our Edge Money Counter can support (upon demand):

Currency List

If your currency of choice is not on the list, please reach out to DETECK Support Team so they can assist you on creating a customized software!

It only takes 10-5min to scan the Banknotes and 1 week for our software engineers to develop the software

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