DT600C - Screen Panel Replacement (Lens)

This video will demonstrate how to remove the broken Screen Panel and how to apply a new one.

Please ensure the machine is turned off and the power plug is removed from the power socket before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps

It's very important that the new panel is applied as instructed in the video. Otherwise, there is a high risk the Panel will detach from the display (check step 5 - video 0.59/1.23)

1. Use a sharp object or fingernails to create space in the upper right (or left corner) of the Panel.
2. Gently remove the Panel. You might experience some resistance because of the glue holding it to the display box.
3. Clean the surface of the display box with a dry cloth, and remove adhesive tape residue.
4. Gently clean the dust accumulated on the LCD Display (if any) -- Please do not apply pressure on the LCD display.
5. Apply the new panel as instructed in the video.

  I. DETECK logo should be on the bottom right side of the Display
  II. Hold the Panel with both hands and attach it to the Display
  III. Ensure the Upper Middle part of the Panel is fitted properly first prior to closing on the edges and lastly, the bottom middle part of the Panel.

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