DT600C - Ripping Bills

If you encounter issues during the count i.e. bills are getting ripped, please Turn off the machine and proceed with the following steps:

  1. Please ensure the feeding gap is adjusted properly. Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt600c-adjusting-the-feeding-gap
  2. Please check if there is any foreign object stuck in the hopper and if the bills can freely roll through the hopper stage without getting deformed or damaged. Article: https://deteckusa.reamaze.com/articles/dt600c-how-to-check-for-foreign-objects

Please reach out to our support team at support@deteckusa.com with the following details and we will quickly assist you with the suitable troubleshooting steps:

  1. Your Full Name: 
  2. Order ID: 
  3. Money Counter: DT600C
  4. Serial Number: (can be found on the back of the machine)
  5. Any foreign object stuck: Yes / No
  6. Bill can freely roll: Yes / No

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