DT500 - CE10 Troubleshooting

If you experience an Image Abnormal error when starting the machine, please help us identify the root cause by accessing the sensor static data interface through the following steps and pull out the CIS self-check abnormal error content:

We created a step-by-step video instruction on how to complete the process (Steps 1-5):

Step 1: Access the SET MENU by pressing the OK button until you are prompted to input a password “↓↓↓↓”
Step 2: Select User Menu to access the settings and scroll down using the down arrow, select Sensor Static Data, then press OK
Step 3: Press the report key and wait until the machine completes the self-test checks
Step 4: Once the motor stops turning, the CIS self-test abnormality will prompt the corresponding error report content, please report the findings so we can advise on the troubleshooting steps

When the CIS self-check is abnormal,it will show an error message on the screen. For example, cis self-test sensor abnormal or TIR light abnormal

Step 5: Press Report again to unlock the Self-Check page and go back to the Sensor Static Data page. Press Start to exit.

Please reach out to support@deteckusa.com to advise on additional troubleshooting steps and share below information:

  • Your Full Name: 
  • Order ID: 
  • Money Counter: DT500
  • Serial Number: (can be found on the back of the machine)
  • Abnormal Error at Start: Image Error
  • Self-Check Error Content: ?

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