DT10C - Software Upgrade (3MG)

Please install the latest Software Upgrade if you are experiencing errors or inaccurate counting while scanning new USD bills

The following video will demonstrate how to update the new software:

Below are step-by-step instructions on how to install the new software:

> On your PC

Step 1: Download the attached file (.bin) by pressing on the following:

* Important: Please ensure you don't have any previous versions saved on your PC otherwise once you download the correct version, it will download as CWY02E(1). The correct version should read CWY02E

Step 2: Plug the USB Key into your PC (provided in the Maintenance Kit) and upload the file CWY02E.Bin

* Please ensure the USB Key is Empty and the existing Format is FAT32. Check out the following article for more info:

> Proceed to Upgrade the Counterfeit Detector software

  1. Ensure the Machine is turned off
  2. Plug the USB key into the machine's USB port
  3. Hold the right key REP/CLR button and turn on the machine
  4. The display will show load and after a few seconds, show the new software version
  5. Turn off the machine and remove the USB key
  6. Turn on the machine and hope this will help resolve the detection sensitivity of new bills.
  7. You can verify if the correct version was installed by turning on the device, the version will appear on the display for 1 second

Please reach out to our support team support@deteckusa.com if you need further assistance

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